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This month we are looking at Organizational Leadership and the importance of becoming a “Learning Organization”. Why It Matters For organizations to continue to succeed in today’s ever-changing landscape, they

As 2022 nears completion, we invite you to focus on acknowledging all the wins you achieved in the past year… Why it Matters Acknowledging wins allows you to: 1. Show

This month we are focusing on Performance and how Leadership plays a critical role in its success. Why it Matters Leadership is the most important ingredient to increase the performance

This month we are focusing on Strategic Execution, and the conversations needed to support the success of any Strategic Plan. One of these conversations is feedback and, more specifically, what

This month we are focusing on Strategic Execution and what it takes to be successful at executing a strategic plan. Why it Matters Some recent findings show that 70% of well-formulated

This month we are focusing on Strategic Design by creating time in your schedule for Strategic Thinking. Why it Matters As leaders we create our future, we do not predict

Last month we shared the importance of acknowledgement when a teammate performs in a manner that supports the team and organization. That is one form of an accountability conversation that

“Wanting to be recognized is a basic human need. As such, to acknowledge and recognize are key human drivers of employee performance and engagement”. – Lynda Monk, Author Why it

Great leaders understand the importance of team meetings, the impact on culture, productivity and the understanding that producing a great meeting takes intentional design and deliberate effort.    Why it

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