Our Approach

Our Approach

Conventional coaching and learning models focus on improving performance and results by employing new skill sets and techniques.

At Awesome Journey, we use the ontological coaching model which focuses on developing thinking that shapes our listening, speaking, learning and action. We focus on expanding one’s mindset or worldview, to create capacity for integrating different skill sets.

Our model supports leaders in generating unpredictable results by asking a fundamental question: What is it that shapes the action to produce the results you get?


What is Ontological Coaching?

Our ontological coaching model stems from the word “ontology,” which is the study of the nature and function of “being”.

Ontological coaching explores one’s way of being and functioning, with the objective of transforming mindsets, to produce fundamental and sustainable shifts, in actions and results through the creation of new openings (awareness) in observing and listening. We begin with who we are being in language, and how we impact our environment.

As trained observers, we can impact our way of being in language through exploring and accessing three interrelated linguistic realms: Generate, Emotional, Body

Generative |   Emotional   |   Body

  • Consists of how we listen and speak to create with language
  • How we feel and create moods to impact our environment and results
  • How we move to express our intentions, and how we use our body to access and observe information

Rigorous observers in these three domains are equipped to engage greater capacity to bring forth new possibilities, and generate unpredictable results inside of compelling futures. You will become a quality observer of your life by increasing awareness of your blind-spots that constrain and impact your ability to achieve your vision and goals.

This kind of learning develops a mindset that transforms two domains of activity:

  1. As observers & listeners – Capable of authentic self-expression.
  2. As learners & designers – Capable of generating action in any circumstances.

What You Can Expect


We have found Experiential Learning to be the most effective way to awaken someone to their Leadership potential.  Every day our “Way of Being” provides us with learning experiences that can teach us about ourselves, reveal and move us beyond perceived limitations, and call us to live into new possibilities for growth.


As Executive Leadership Coaches, we support client transformations through an inquiry and discovery process that facilitates greater self-reflection and increased awareness to generate action in any circumstance.


Communication Skills

Our professional team employs linguistic tools or speech-acts. These tools create fundamental distinctions in language that impact thinking, reveal blind-spots, increase awareness, and transform communications in ways that generate unpredictable results.

Leadership Mindset

Language is fundamental to being human. We assert that leaders create change through others in language. How leaders observe, listen and assess situations, shapes actions and results. At Awesome Journey, we focus our efforts on how we relate to language as the source and outcome of one’s leadership blueprint.

Our Guarantees



We will get you focused on creating and understanding your plan of success.




On a monthly basis, we will hold you accountable to achieving your goals that support your plan.



Skill Development

We will help develop your leadership skill set to support achieving your plan.


We will help you become more self-aware of what allows you to be powerful in executing your plan.



Sounding Board

We will create a safe environment where you can use your Awesome Journey coach as a sounding board for making difficult decisions.


“Extraordinary people are just ordinary people who have made a conscious choice to go the extra-mile to make a difference for good in their own life and in the lives of others.”

-Eric Crowell

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