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Clear Agreements Need a Real Promise of Action
May 17, 2023

In our continuing focus on Team Leadership and how clear agreements create workability and drive results, the second part of creating a clear agreement is “making a real promise”.

Why it Matters?

Success happens when action is coordinated that impacts results. It’s when your team can be trusted to deliver outcomes, meet deadlines and achieve results. Furthermore, time has not been wasted cleaning up the damage left by a broken promise.

Leadership Strategy

To ensure teams are making real promises, there are 3 common characteristics that great leaders do, with their requests to lock in a clear agreement:

  1. They ask questions for clarification to create a shared understanding of the deliverable.
  2. They take notes so nothing is forgotten or left behind.
  3. They check their calendar for workability and capacity i.e., can they commit to the timeline and identify what other commitments might get in the way of completion?

Leadership Challenge

If you want to improve performance in your team, empower your team to make real promises!

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Have an awesome month leading with impact!

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