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Client Testimonials .

Nicole Janssen Co-CEO, AltaML Inc.

AltaML hired Awesome Journey a year and a half ago to tackle a lack of accountability in our team. Our leaders have now developed a common language and a keen awareness of themselves both key ingredients to tackling the most difficult conversations and challenges. The success we have seen at the leadership level has now pushed us to roll out different coaching offerings at all levels. We look forward to continuing to grow our team with Awesome Journey.

David Crosby Founder, Rosso Coffee Roasters

The team at Awesome Journey has helped me and my leadership team unlock the understanding of requests and promises to drive action that has improved results in our business. This leadership development has helped us build a culture of accountability which has also had an impact on our leaders and their ability to generate improved results in our business.

Regan Davis President & CEO, STEP Energy Services Ltd.

Awesome Journey has played a foundational role for STEP in developing our leaders and our culture through their one-on-one Executive Leadership Coaching, Leadership Development Programs and their Strategic Planning Consulting. Awesome Journey’s programs have clearly been very helpful in guiding one to be a more aware and skillful manager and leader. When Awesome Journey has delivered their Leadership Program to a team of our leaders it has been invaluable in defining and evolving STEP’s corporate culture. Awesome Journey’s team of coaches has delivered quality outcomes for myself and our team at STEP.

Trevor Fridfinnson COO, Bison Transport

I have benefitted immensely from Eric’s style and capabilities as a coach over the last 10+ years. He is well read and thoughtful in the matters of personal leadership and organizational strategy. He is an objective accountability partner, coupled with honest and open feedback, that has unquestionably grown the perspective I have on my work and personal life. I continue to recommend Eric and Awesome Journey to friends and colleagues who are open to engaging with someone who will both challenge and support to a higher level.

Craig Coleman Co-Chief Executive Officer, Epic Investment Services

“Awesome Journey Executive Leadership Coaching has had an impact on myself and my Executive Leadership Team in three ways: In helping each of us become more self-aware of our leadership blindspots, that can confuse and frustrate each other and our teams. Becoming more self-aware of our default reactive selves enables better resolution to difficult business decisions. In helping each of us design intentional conversations to address difficult conversations that generates new possibilities with the various parties involved because true listening was present where in the past conflict generated arguments and people shut down causing action and projects to be stalled. In holding each of us accountable to investing our time in our top priorities so that strategic initiatives are been achieved vs getting caught up in being busy vs strategic.”

Tracie Janke General Manager, Empire Kitchen and Bath

My life has forever changed thanks to Awesome Journey and in particular the wisdom and friendship of Scott Clark. My relationship with myself, family, friends and with life shifted in ways I could have never imagined. I used to spend my days wishing I had more, or that things were different and focused on what I didn’t have. While I still want some of those things, now I find myself feeling happy, appreciating what I already have, and sharing my life with a great network of family and friends. I am forever grateful for having been able to participate in their program!

Clint Booth General Manager, EnQuest Energy Solutions

Awesome Journey has been my “go-to” company for career and life coaching, training, and development for the past 20 years. I have been fortunate to have been coached in 1/1, Team, and Industry Peer type sessions. Whether 1/1 or in a group, I have found the content to be not only relevant to my personal life or business life challenges, but also critical to building the best path forward to working through breakdowns as I have endeavoured to “Be Better” with respect to being a manager and leader. Both Scott and Eric know how to push my buttons to compel me to action and high performance. I am curious to see where Awesome Journey will impact my development as a leader as we go forward into a future full of possibilities.

Rob Phillips Fury Group, Owner

Awesome Journey’s Executive Leadership Coaching has been a great support to me in helping me to shift my mindset from being an Entrepreneur who is doing everything in my business to be successful to becoming a Business Leader who is slowing down and building an sustainable organization through a Disciplined Culture with a team that can now deliver consistent and reliable results. I am excited about the future that my team and I are co-creating which is allowing me to step away from time to time to enjoy my holidays without guilt that I am not there.

Michael Saroka COO, Goldray Glass

Executive Leadership Coaching has helped me be more self-aware and raised my understanding of what I bring to my new position as CEO. I am gaining skills and perspective, growing as an impactful authentic leader, and I am more able to coach my team to be strong leaders as well.

Lorcan O Carroll Vice President of Completions, Commissioning & Start-up - Americas – KENT

I’ve attended Awesome Journey’s one on one coaching and group coaching programs, and both have been invaluable in my pursuit of self-development. Their techniques and material have provided me greater awareness and a new level of authenticity in my professional and personal life, resulting in intentional decision making and better relationships. I’m eternally grateful for Scott Clark as a source of inspiration and guidance over the past 2 years, and for holding me accountable to be the best version of myself.

Stacie Woolford Specialty Leasing Manager - Primaris Reit

Working with Awesome Journey was instrumental in contributing to positive changes not only in my professional life, but my personal life as well. The skills and practices I acquired throughout the year-long program moved me from a mindset of confusion and negativity, to one of possibility, and ultimately to the positive and full-filling reality I'm working in and living today. I am a forever grateful client who is proud to call you (Scotty) a friend.

Jeff Gaulin Executive with Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc.

People make change, not companies. But change generates resistance. That’s why I have used Awesome Journey for five years, for myself and my teammates, to grow our leadership awareness, mindset and capacity to face those challenges head on. The goal was to achieve our business transformation – and superior results -by growing how our people show up and deliver. Awesome Journey has helped drive our internal transformation – in terms of accountability, alignment, negotiation and co-ordination of action – and the results have been nothing short of awesome.

Emily Newman Executive Vice President, Sales – Wealhouse Capitol Management

I hired Scott Clark at Awesome Journey in the Spring of 2021. The reason I wanted to re-engage his coaching was I was going through a lot of change personally and professionally. The content has helped me to manage breakdowns better and become the best leader and version of myself. Scott continues to challenge me in my own thinking to continuously improve and perform at a higher level in my professional and personal life. I look forward to continuing my coaching journey with Scott.

Lori Heidt CEO, Weed Man Alberta

"I was promoted to CEO. It was the first time I was responsible for not only the company's performance but the well-being of the staff in our entire organization and then the pandemic hit. This was a new situation and it would require new skills to navigate the unknown. Awesome Journey helped me build new alliances with team members I had worked with for years. Pam's coaching has been integral to the growth of our team, both personally as well as professionally. As a result, the company saw strong growth and profit in the face of a global pandemic"

Frankie Veenbaas & Carlene Langridge Advisors, Castle Financial Group Ltd.

“We reached out to Awesome Journey because we were looking to grow our business. We wanted to implement new practices and a new culture in our organization to align with our growth. We also had individuals step into management and leadership roles and wanted to develop their abilities. My experience with AJ has been instrumental in my growth as a person and as a leader. It would have taken years to get to the level that I am at today. For that I am grateful.”

Julia Irwin Director, People and Culture, Viridian Family Office

“We wanted support to motivate our team and deliver on our organizational goals, learn to navigate difficult conversations with each other and our employees, and increase awareness of our hidden strengths and weaknesses. Working with Pam has been crucial to our success as a leadership team. She provides insight and guidance that come from deep coaching expertise that none of us are skilled in. She challenges our team to reflect on everyday interactions and always be in action on making these interactions more purposeful and meaningful. Pam helps uncover roadblocks that we are blind to and turns them into opportunities for action. Pam is the secret weapon that supports us in sharpening all aspects of our leadership skills.”

Mick B. Security & Technology Integrator

“Greg – wanted to memorialize a sincere thank you to you for helping through a strange and difficult period that ended up better than expected. Your attention and consult were key to keeping me on track through the process that resulted in my appointment as EVP, Managing Director of the US region. The hours we spent truly helped me recalibrate and focus so … Thank you.”

Cory Finley President, Demon Oilfield Services

I have been fortunate enough to be enrolled in the Awesome Journey 1 on 1 executive coaching program for the last three years. I can’t say enough about the positive impact it has had on not only my business, but my personal life as well. The growth that I have been able to achieve both personally and professionally is a direct relation to my coaching. The direct approach without any excuses accepted along with always maintaining integrity speaks to our culture and aligns with the companies vision. My work with Scott has lead me to discoveries allowing me to overcome some stumbling blocks that I was encountering with my own health and wellness regime. For that, I will be forever grateful. My management team has also been working with Awesome Journey in a group coaching program. This has been an outstanding exercise for our group. The coaching has allowed us to strengthen our level of communication and become more aligned as a team. Accountability to our coworkers and how to have courageous conversations within our group have elevated the overall performance of our management group. I am very excited to see the future success that will be achieved with our partnership with Awesome Journey

Stephen & Melissa Ramkissoon Owners, Marketing Guardians

We have worked with Eric for around 11 years. He has helped us manage the challenges of new business ventures, growth of a small business, relationship challenges associated with what being an entrepreneur involves. As leaders at Marketing Guardians, we're married with young kids and we’ve had our own struggles with confidence or moving into action at different times and his support has moved us from being stuck to success. At this point, we hear Eric in our heads during difficult challenges and can react on the fly with some of the methods he has taught us. When you are in business it can feel like an endless pressure-cooker situation where you are all alone. Eric has walked into the pressure cooker with us and helped us get through. We are so thankful for the support.

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