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Creating Team Workability & Velocity that Drive Results


In our continued focus on Team Leadership, a key component that supports teams working well together such that they can coordinate action with velocity and achieve results is making clear or clean agreements.

Why it Matters

Clear/clean agreements create clarity, deepen trust, and improve performance between team members allowing for projects to be completed on time and on budget.

Leadership Strategy

If clear/clean agreements create workability in our teams, we must take the time to find out where a lack of workability exists. Lack of workability might show up as frustration with a program or project that the team is engaged with. Look for weak agreements by noticing workability issues. At Awesome Journey, we have a saying, “if we can see it, we can name it, and then we can do something about it”.

Leadership Challenge

Design a team meeting to talk about agreements. Have team members prepare to share one weak agreement that’s in their space, and the impact it is having on them. Notice if there are common themes like broken trust, performance issues, and people getting upset which can lead to workability decreases. Ask each person what is missing to create a clear/clean agreement and then challenge them to implement the changes and watch workability, trust, and performance improve quickly within your team.

Awesome Resource:

How to Make a Clean Agreement (3-minute video)

Next month we will discuss the components of a clean/clean agreement.

Have an awesome month leading with impact!

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