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Being a Client Centric Organization
June 13, 2023

This month we are starting the exploration of being a “Client Centric” Organization

Why it Matters

By designing a client-centric business model, organizations can build strong and long-lasting relationships with their clients, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive business growth.

Leadership Strategy

A client-centric organization places a high priority on understanding the needs of its clients. One of the key elements of a client-centric approach is being intentional about gathering “Client Feedback”. A successful company continuously addresses gathering client feedback with discipline and urgency.

What structures and practices is your organization doing to gather “Client Feedback”?

What question are you asking?

  1. What are your client’s challenges they are dealing with?
  2. What are your client’s complaints?
  3. What do your clients truly care about and value?

Leadership Challenge

Start with spending time with your client-facing team and ask them, “What are our clients telling you about their challenges, complaints, and things they value and care about?

Awesome Video (2:20 minute):

What is Customer Centricity? (2-minute watch)

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