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Leadership Insights

Governance, Strategy and the Imperative of Performance by Mac Van Wielingen, the  founder and Director of ARC Financial Corp. In this article, Mac goes in-depth into the structures, processes and

Listening is the most necessary capacity for developing leadership and the most significant commitment for being related. Indeed, relationships are a function of listening. And yet we often reduce listening

Great Companies that Execute at a High Level of Consistency are Defined by a High Performance Culture Introduction: In today’s hyper-competitive business world, companies that are delivering sustainable performance are

To be authentically powerful leaders, we need to learn to focus on what it is we want to create. We all have internal distractions and mental filters that create blocks

One of the competencies that allows‎ Powerful Leaders to coordinate action with others to generate quality results consistently over time is – they are BOLD! Powerful Leaders Drive Action by:

Powerful Leaders are visionary – they see the future possibilities and begin creating. Visionary leaders have the ability see further than others, and are able to leverage their support to

We all have blind spots, but most of us are – as the saying goes – blind to them! The difference between good leaders and truly powerful leaders who get

In Great Leaders Have a Strategic Business Model: Part One we discussed the four components of a Strategic Business Model: Client Value Proposition Profit Formula Key Resources Key Support Structures

What defines a great leader? Why do some businesses grow and prosper, while others get stuck and eventually disappear? What’s the secret? Great Leaders differentiate their business in a crowded

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