Great Leaders Are Disruptors!

Great Leaders Are Disruptors!

Great Leaders are disruptors of the “Status Quo”.

They are disciplined at listening to emerging futures and bringing those ideas to the present. Great disruptive leaders recognize trends that will impact their business and then ask themselves, “How can we leverage this opportunity to support the future success of our business?”

Uber, Airbnb and Netflix have shown how to successfully leverage new possibilities and effectively disrupt industries that were not recognizing the emerging future.


Here are two great examples of disruptive leadership currently emerging:

Budweiser Driverless Truck

Budweiser is taking a proactive role in the future of Driverless Trucks by developing a prototype “Driverless Truck”, then asking themselves how this technology will impact their business with drivers, insurance premiums, brand image, service to clients, road safety, and internal systems to support quality deliveries.

“Building Global Community” (Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook)

After reading Mark Zuckerberg’s article published Feb 18, 2017, what I see is Mark being a disruptive leader by having the courage to ask the world a transformational question – “Are we building the world we all want?”

I do not see him slamming President Trump or other world leaders, but staying focused on asking each of us a transformational question – “Are we building a world we all want?”

Building a Global Community


Learning Journey Question:

What trends do you see that will have an impact on your business and how can you and your Leadership Team see the trend as an opportunity to move your business into the future in sustainable ways?

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