Book Review: “The Power of Moments” by Chip & Dan Heath

Book Review: “The Power of Moments” by Chip & Dan Heath

For leaders who are striving to differentiate their business by providing extraordinary experiences, this book is a must read!

The book provides quality insights about how to design “Defining Moments” that are the foundation of delivering an extraordinary experience.

The book defines a “Defining Moment” as a short experience that is both memorable and meaningful with four elements:

  1. Elevation: a moment where you feel delight and awe
  2. Insight: a moment of clarity and awareness
  3. Pride: a moment of achievement or courage
  4. Connection: a moment of social bonding with others

This book is packed with great examples of ways that organizations can design and harness “The Power of Moments” to WOW!! your staff and your clients.

In the book, Chip and Dan outline the importance of designing “Moments of Celebration” for staff when key milestones such as promotions, new business, or finding unique solutions to issues occur. Celebrations provide an opportunity for the company to bond and connect over wins and accomplishments.

Awareness of the importance of recognizing these moments are often part of what makes a great leader, great. Taking the time to appreciate your staff for key milestones being achieved provides the foundation for deepening relationships of trust. These moments show the human side of leadership and tell your staff that you truly care about them.

The Power of Moments



Where can you create “Defining Moments” within your organization?


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