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Great Leaders Embrace the Mindset of Excellence!
February 17, 2017

Great leaders are clear about what they CARE about. Whether it’s building a high-performance culture, building solid partnerships or expanding their business, they are crystal clear on it. Once they have clarity about what they care about, they wrap QUALITY communication, processes, time, and relationships around those things to create EXCELLENCE!


A great example of a Leader who is embracing the Mindset of Excellence as a “Way of Being” to build to a successful business is David Crosby the founder and CEO of Rosso Coffee.

David is a passionate entrepreneur who stepped out into the world of business at 22 years old and started Rosso Coffee in Calgary. Ten years later he and his brother Cole have 6 locations and one more opening in April 2017 along with a solid wholesale roasting division that are supporting their current growth plan with a future full of possibilities.

David & Cole are building a thriving business based upon the “Mindset of Excellence” with two primary components:

  1. They CARE about building and sustaining a High-Performance Culture that is built on three core values:
  • Community
  • Legendary Service
  • Continuous Improvement
  1. They CARE about building Partners with key suppliers.

David & Cole made a conscious choice to buy direct from local coffee grower in Guatemala, Costa Rica & Columbia.

Why? Because they CARE about building Partnerships with their key suppliers. To them partnership means:

  • Collaboration – building win-win agreements
  • Supporting local farmers and their communities allows greater sustainability for all stakeholder in their value chain
  • Alignment to a common mission

David & Cole are focused on wrapping quality communication, processes, relationships, and quality service around what they CARE about to create EXCELLENCE in their business.

If you want to take your business to a new level of success embrace the “Mindset of Excellence”:

  1. What do you CARE about in your business?
  2. What does QUALITY look like in your business for it to thrive?



Learning Challenge:

In your next Executive Leadership Team meeting, ask your leadership team what they CARE about to build a thriving business and then listen.

From our experience at Awesome Journey, thriving companies CARE about the following things:

  1. Building and sustaining a high-performance culture
  2. Staff being successful
  3. Strategic plan that is well defined and measurable
  4. Clients
  5. Quality products and services
  6. Stakeholders
  7. Financial health of the business


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