Quality Leaders are Embracing Change!

Quality Leaders are Embracing Change!

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

As we start to move our team back into working at our company facilities, we need to be present to how our people are dealing with change.

Quality Leaders are teaching their people to be with change by exploring the following 6 components:

Be a learner

Through the practice of deep listening, allow yourself to notice what is emerging in your space, through experimenting, taking risks, being innovative, being agile and being adaptive. This will allow you to turn resistance and polarities into possibilities.

Be a possibility thinker

See problems as an invitation to discover what is missing and what is emerging.

Be an observer

By listening for what is emerging and making declarations that represent what you are taking a stand for in the future, you can focus on what is possible and be grateful for what shows up.

Embrace self-management

Are you organized and comfortable using technology to coordinate action with your teammates? Are you a designer and co-creator of your life or just letting things happen with a wait and see mentality? What strong support structures need to be in place that allow you to fully embrace future possibilities?

Create a Learning Organization

A key component of a learning organization is the use of “learning loops”, which help you to define how the work you do now informs what you do next. An example of a learning loop would be to use DEA (Design/Execute/Assess), which can help to discover yourself newly, by taking the time to reflect on your learning, from what you designed, executed, and assessed.

Be self-aware of what you need to let go of and stop doing

Through self-reflection and quality feedback you can let go of perspectives, skills, mindsets, worldviews, and identities that get in the way of embracing new opportunities.


Leadership Challenge

What is one area in your life where you need to embrace change? Apply one of these 6 components to support the experience.

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