“Simply Brilliant!” – A Must Read for Great Leaders

“Simply Brilliant!” – A Must Read for Great Leaders

“Simply Brilliant!” tells the stories of 15 great organizations that are doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways. These companies are not high flying techies from Silicon Valley, but rather everyday companies who have found new ways to bring tremendous value to their customers.

The author, William C. Taylor, is the co-founder of Fast Company Magazine and this is his third business book, and it’s spectacular!

William’s research is top notch and his examples of companies who are transforming their organization’s come from all industries. One example is Metro Bank in the United Kingdom. Metro Bank disrupted the banking industry in the U.K. by taking their stellar customer service model from the U.S. and implementing it in the U.K. market where customers have distain for banks with poor service, limited hours, and slow response times.

William makes many great points throughout the book; here are a few of his best:

  1. Great Leaders Care

Quote: “Organizations that perform at a high level for a long time don’t just think differently from everyone else, they care more than everyone else. In an era of big ideas and disruptive technology, simple acts of connection and compassion take on outsized importance.”

Leaders who are serious about differentiation are clear about what they care about. They are focused and they understand that when they focus on what they care about (culture, strategic plan, employee development, financial health, etc.) they will be rewarded.

  1. Great Leaders Do What Others Cannot or Will Not

Quote: “The most successful organizations are no longer the ones that offer the best deals. They’re the ones that champion the most original ideas, and do things other organizations can’t or won’t do.”

Leaders who are successful are constantly practicing the art of possibility thinking to differentiate and stand out. They understand that the best way to lead the industry is to always be one step ahead and always thinking beyond the borders that hold other companies back. 

  1. Great Companies Do the Extraordinary With the Ordinary

Quote: “Organizations that make the most dramatic progress are the ones that invite ordinary people to make extraordinary contributions, and whose leaders are as humble as they are hungry.”

Leaders who are constantly supportive and open to their teams taking small but calculated risks on an ongoing basis create an environment and culture of innovation that leads a company to long-term, sustainable GREATNESS!


Your Weekly Learning Journey:

We are such fans of this book that we are offering to send a FREE copy of “Simply Brilliant” to the first 5 people who request it!

All you need to do is include a comment below about why we should send you a FREE copy and promise to send us your thoughts and feedback once you have finished the book.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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