Assess Your Strategic Growth Plan for 2017
December 21, 2016

5 Key Questions to Assess the Clarity and Strength of Your Strategic Growth Plan:

  1. What is your company’s “Competitive Advantage?”

Is the whole organization able to articulate it to the marketplace consistently and powerfully to create action?

  1. Is your company’s culture a key component to your company’s “Competitive Advantage”?
  1. What is missing in your organization to be able to achieve the company’s strategic goals consistently?
  • A conversation with self or others (feedback and communication)
  • A skill (inability to do the tasks necessary)
  • A commitment (resistance to taking action)
  • A support structure
    • People
    • Processes
    • Practices
    • Tools
  1. What is the volume and quality of information that you are receiving from your company’s “Listening Strategy”?

A well designed and intentional “Listening Strategy” allows your organization to capture quality insights from your clients, prospective clients and non-clients in three areas of interest to your organization:

CARE – What do your clients care about?

CONCERNS – What are your clients worried about?

COMPLAINTS – What are your clients frustrated by?

  1. Is Your Executive Leadership Team bringing game changing ideas/value or identifying key trends to follow in support of the growth plan?

If you and your Executive Leadership Team (ELT) can’t answer these 5 questions above with complete clarity and confidence, then click on the two links below to start the process of building a Strategic Growth Plan you and your ELT can execute in 2017.

Great Leaders Have a Strategic Business Model

Creating a Culture of Deep Listening


Have questions or need some direction?

Contact me at darrell@awesomejourney.ca to start building your strategic plan!

Darrell Nimchuk, Director of Strategic Planning

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