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Great Leaders Will Seize the Moment in 2017
January 4, 2017

One of the amazing qualities that every great leader has is their ability to see a moment as an opportunity to create a positive impact, where as most people would see the moment as a crisis and do nothing.

As you watch the following video of Maurice (Mo) Cheeks, ask yourself the following question – “What would I have done?” Stepped Up and Supported the young woman or remained silent?

Mo Cheeks National Anthem

At Awesome Journey, we coach people to become “Authentically Powerful Leaders” who can “Seize the Moment”. Whether in a team meeting, a one-on-one conversation with a colleague, or taking a call from an upset client, great leaders “Seize the Moment” and make a positive impact for all by applying the following four practices:

  1. Be Mindful – present to the moment without judgement
  2. Be Compassionate – support another person while they are suffering without making them feel small, judged or wrong
  3. Be Courageous – take a risk even when you are scared
  4. Be Self-Aware – trust your intuition and act on its prompting’s in the moment!

In the video, Mo Cheeks demonstrates the four practices and showed the world he is an “Authentically Powerful Leader!”


Your Weekly Learning Journey:

  1. Self-Reflection Question:

“Where in the past did you miss an opportunity to Step Up and Speak Up to make an impact to support others?”

  1. Empowering Question:

“Which practice will you commit to that will allow you to see and hear “Moments to Support” others causing you to have the courage to Step Up and Speak Up?”

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