Great Leaders are Purpose Driven
February 9, 2017

After 20 years of working with and supporting C-Suite Leaders, my team and I have come to recognize that one of the most distinctive qualities of high functioning C-Suite Leaders is that they are “Purpose-Driven”.

What does being a “Purpose-Driven” leader mean?

“Purpose-Driven” leaders are very clear on their “Why”. They know why they exist and why their organizations exist.

They get out of bed every day with clarity, energy and commitment to make an impact in the world with their life.


What is your “Why”?

Explore and discover your “Why” statement (your purpose/your mission/your commitment) with these 3 awesome videos:

Michael Jr – Know Your Why

Simon Sinek – Start With Why

Rick Warren – A Life of Purpose


Learning Challenge:

For the next 7 days listen to what the universe shows you about what your purpose is and then finish this sentence:

I am deeply passionate about …


I am committed to ….


Our Promise to You:

When you make the commitment to really discover your WHY, you will have a major break through in your life allowing you to experience greater abundance, peace and joy!

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