Spot the Future Leaders in Your Organization with these 10 Signs

Spot the Future Leaders in Your Organization with these 10 Signs

In every company, there is a constant evolution of change and development. New ideas, new approaches, and new emerging leaders. Emerging leaders are the future of companies. They are the ones facing the future head-on, and challenging the company to determine if the organization is ready.

As a member of the C-Suite and executive leadership team, how do you spot these rising stars and harness their skills and ideas? What signs can you watch for to know who has senior leadership potential?


10 Signs

  1. Value Quality Work in Every Task

Getting the job done is not a tactical task for an emerging leader. Getting the job done right and achieving the tasks objectives and moving the company forward is more important than just getting it done. If getting the job done does not get the desired results, then the task should be reassessed and adjusted to achieve the goals; hence the task has a purpose that should be fulfilled.

  1. Decisive

Make a decision and choose a direction. Emerging leaders know what they want and they make choices that align with their needs and future ambitions. They do not live on a teeter-totter in decision making. They have clarity with their direction and can, therefore, make choices for how to achieve their goals.

  1. Fearless

No fear of stepping into new territory and going beyond their comfort zone. Emerging leaders fear a lack of movement more than they fear the what-ifs of moving into the unknown. They look beyond the obstacles and they see what could be.

  1. Self – Directed

Create projects and actions to accomplish goals. They do not require substantial details and directions to accomplish their goals. They thrive in environments where there are vision and goals but are given the autonomy to create their way.

  1. Desire to be Challenged in their Work

Emerging leaders are not comfortable being too comfortable. They are not interested in riding the wave of auto-pilot, as they experience boredom and restlessness. They have an internal desire to grow, develop, and make an impact. To do all this, they must be challenged and push boundaries to move themselves and their role forward. Emerging leaders get energized and motivated by projects and initiatives where they can learn and grow.   

  1. Want Input and Feedback on their Performance

Emerging leaders want to know how they’re doing. They request feedback and are quick to modify their behavior in response. With a desire to continuously improve, emerging leaders seek out input on their performance and on their work.

  1. Adaptable

Will shift and change as needed, or as the situation requires. If something is working, great – if something is not, they will question it and make a change. Their desire for growth and development puts them into a mindset of possibility, which leads to great adaptability when needed.

  1. Make Offers

Emerging leaders pay attention to their surroundings and make offers when they see opportunities. They are not afraid to take the lead on projects and initiatives, and often volunteer to join or lead.  They present ideas that provide solutions that put people into action.

  1. Agents of Change & Disruptors

Open to embracing change when it’s needed. Emerging leaders are about growth and development, which often means questioning and challenging the status quo when something is not working or when they see the possibility for another, more effective way. They are agents of change and disruptors.

They would like to discard the phrase “this is how we’ve always done it”. Emerging leaders do not believe that the past must dictate the future. They offer insights and new approaches, and they are not afraid to rock the boat.

  1. Pay Attention to the Marketplace

They look beyond the company to the industry at large. Industries shift and evolve to make room for new technologies, approaches to business, and new products. Emerging leaders are paying attention to the bigger conversation happening to see what is trending and changing in the external environment. They have an intentional listening strategy, where they are paying attention to the bigger picture.


Leadership Challenge:

How many Emerging Leaders can you spot in your organization?

Now design a development plan for each of them to support your company’s future!

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