Powerful Leaders Let Go of Distractions!

Powerful Leaders Let Go of Distractions!

To be authentically powerful leaders, we need to learn to focus on what it is we want to create. We all have internal distractions and mental filters that create blocks to clear thinking and achieving our goals.

To remove distractions, we need to be intentional about designing quality time to focus, and be aware of the thoughts and obstacles we need to “Let Go” of to get clarity.


As C-Suite Leaders, here are 5 things to consider “Letting Go” of:


  1. Your Mindset of “Playing Small”

When you play small, you play to achieve less than the possibilities you are capable of. Leaders who play small are often restricted by a fear of failure of going beyond their comfort zone.

When you embrace the mindset of “Playing Big”, you give yourself permission to think beyond conventional borders.

  • What does Playing Big mean to you?
  • How would Playing Big affect your life?


  1. Control

Letting go of control is one of the toughest things for most leaders to do. Powerful leaders hire great people and trust that great things will happen.

They let go of “Control” and learn to embrace “Trust”

Ask yourself – who do you need to trust that you are currently struggling with?

Design an intentional conversation with them about what you need from them to begin developing stronger trust.


  1. Listening to Fix

For many leaders, as soon as they hear something is wrong, they instinctively go into “fix-it” mode; meaning they are no longer listening to create, but listening to speak.

When you embrace the art of listening to connect and co-create with others, you will engage in generative dialogue that creates action.

The next time you are having a conversation with someone and you hear that something is wrong, pause and think about this question:

“What is missing for us to move forward?”

  • Process/procedure (how things are done to get the right results)
  • Honest and intentional conversations (providing feedback or addressing issues)
  • People with the right skill sets (skill sets that provide the ability to achieve goals)
  • Right practices and routines (daily practices that provide for the right mindset such as meditation)
  • Tools/technology (technology requirements to achieve goals)

Once you have determined what is missing, take action to connect with others to achieve meaningful results.


  1. Your Internal story – “I don’t have time”

Everyone always says, “I don’t have time”, but what they mean is “your request was not one of my priorities”.

Be honest and embrace the process of asking yourself – “Am I being intentional with my time, and are my actions in support of my goals?”


  1. Your Internal story – “I’m the CEO, I am paid to know everything”

As the CEO, what happens when you don’t have all the answers and you lack certainty?

Powerful leaders embrace the mindset of being curious about the unknown, rather than being fearful.

The next time you are faced with a challenge, start by asking yourself this question, “What are the future possibilities that this challenge is show me that I am currently frustrated by?”


Your Weekly Learning Journey:

Out of the 5 distractions above, pick the one that you struggle with the most and practice the art of “letting-go”.


We would love to hear about your top distraction in the comments below!

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