Powerful Leaders Inspire Others To Be Creative!

Powerful Leaders Inspire Others To Be Creative!

One of the greatest expressions to hear is members of a team saying that their leader inspired them to explore their innate creative abilities to bring new ideas to the table. Included in this week’s blog are four great TED Talks on Creativity to inspire your people to be “Possibility Thinkers!”

Carl Bass 

Luc de Brabandere

  • TED Institute – Reinventing Creative Thinking
  • Question: What are two questions you can ask your team to challenge their thinking about the company?

Peter Diamandis

  • TEDx Academy – Achieving Innovation
  • Question: How can you change your company from being “Linear” to being “Exponential”?

Patrick Meyer 

Bold Request: Have two intentional creativity conversations every day for the next 7 days with a member of your team.

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