Powerful Leaders Take Time To Self-Reflect!

Powerful Leaders Take Time To Self-Reflect!

One of the key qualities of Powerful Leaders is their ability be constantly learning. One of the most important practices that they use for learning is “Self-Reflection”. On a weekly basis they schedule time to “Self-Reflect” to review their key learnings’ from the last 7 days. Three excellent “Self-Reflection” practices are:

  1. Identify moments of being “Emotionally Triggered”.
  2. Identify moments of being “Emotionally Energized”.
  3. Ponder thought-provoking questions

I will share personal examples to give you insight as to the power of making time to “Self-Reflect” as a way to be learning:

Identify moments of being “Emotionally Triggered”

Being “Emotionally Triggered” is when you get emotionally upset (resistance) about something. The resistance is trying to show you something about yourself that is a blindspot.


The other day I went to see the Doctor about an issue I had, so the Doctor sent me to go and get some tests done. So I went to go and get the tests done and the clinic was closed. I became “Emotionally Triggered”, meaning I became angry and blamed the Doctor for giving me bad information.

What was my key learning from this small incident?

My key learning was, be a master of the details!! You see, did I look at the information sheet that the Doctor gave me about locations of clinics and hours of operations where I could get my tests done. No, I took the Doctor at her word and put myself in action. Eric, stop relying on others for the truth of how to do something. Do your own “Due Diligence!” A very valuable learning experience.

 Identify moments of being “Emotionally Energized”

Being “Emotionally Energized” is when you get emotionally inspired by what someone tells you or from an experience you had. The positive energy is trying to show you an area in your life where you need to spend more time pondering to support your future.


I have been reading a book entitled, “The Courage To Teach,” written by Parker J. Palmer and the book has me engaged, reading it anytime I am not working. It has been all consuming for me.

What was my key learning from this small incident?

My key learning was, you are passionate about being an Extraordinary Teacher so it is time to raise my game to support my team and clients at being an Extraordinary Teacher. So from reading this book I have been working on implementing three new teaching strategies with my team of Executive Leadership Coaches to support our clients in having more engaging coaching sessions.

Ponder thought-provoking questions

The third “Self-Reflection” practice that I like to use in my weekly session with myself is to ask myself a series of “Thought-Provoking Questions” that get me to ponder my performance and areas for personal growth to support my career and my personal life. Here are the five questions I like to ponder:

  1. What is the future that is really calling me?
  2. What is one bold request I will make this week that will allow me to live in my future?
  3. What am I currently stepping over or not dealing with that is impacting my future?
  4. Are the key people who are in my inner circle pulling me into the future that I am creating?
  5. How many conversations did I have this week about the future that I am creating?

So in conclusion, I challenge you to set aside one hour a week to invest in yourself by developing a “Self-Reflection Practice” and try my three exercises and see what life wants to show you about yourself!

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