Great Leaders Series Featuring: Chris Anderson from TED Talks
October 4, 2018

Chris Anderson is all about “ideas worth spreading”.

He has a passion for the creation and distribution of great, innovative ideas that start or change the conversation.

TED started in Monterrey, California in 1984, and at the end of 2001, Chris’s foundation (Sapling Foundation) acquired TED. With a desire to grow the concept and take the conversations to the next level, Chris utilized the power of online platforms and expanded it’s focus from technology, entertainment, and design to include science, business, and key global issues. This expansion has led to the global phenomenon that is TED Talks.

In 2015, the organization posted its 2000th talk online, and viewership had grown to approximately one billion views per year. In 2009, under a strategy of “Radical Openness”, Chris introduced the TEDx Initiative, allowing free licenses to local organizers. Over 8,000 events have been held, creating an archive of over 60,000 TEDx talks. (TED profile)


About Chris Anderson

I am a: Change Agent, Connector, Event Planner, Global Soul, Idea Generator, Journalist, Philanthropist, Employer, Producer, Social Entrepreneur, Curator

Personal Profile

“We don’t know what the final destination is, but we are guided by a philosophical and deep belief in the power of good thinking, the power of good ideas,” he said. “With TED, the end of the talk should not be the end of the idea, but just the beginning.” – Chris Anderson

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