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Great Leaders Have an Innovative Business Model: Part Two
October 12, 2016

In Great Leaders Have a Strategic Business Model: Part One we discussed the four components of a Strategic Business Model:

  • Client Value Proposition
  • Profit Formula
  • Key Resources
  • Key Support Structures

Now we want to look at some companies who have created Innovative Business Models that have challenged long-held, core beliefs about how to create value for their clients, and in the process revolutionized their industries.

NETFLIX: What if I could bring client videos via the web and charge them a monthly fee?

AMAZON WEB SERVICES: What if you didn’t need to own IT infrastructure to operate your business?

UBER: What if we transformed the pricing and the distribution model for people who utilize taxi services?

AIRBNB: What if we modernized the hospitality industry model by getting people to offer spare rooms in their homes as hotel rooms for daily rent via an extraordinary website?

APPLE: What if we revolutionized the retail experience for clients purchasing electronics?

ZAPPOS: What if we made it easy for “Professional Women, who don’t have time to go shopping, to buy their shoes online?”

WARBY PARKER EYEWEAR: What if we made it easy for anyone to buy quality eye glasses online for affordable prices?

TED TALKS & YOUTUBE: What if we made it easy for anyone to learn from experts online for free?

IKEA: What if we could make it easy for “People who live on a budget, and need space up and usable tomorrow”?

TARGET: What if people who shopped in discount stores would pay extra for designer products?



Set aside 4 hours with your Executive Leadership Team and challenge every component of your current Business Model to identify new ideas of how to new create value for your current and future clients.

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