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How Deep Is Your Listening?
March 13, 2019

Great Leaders are committed to being intentional about awakening every member of their team to their greatness. They recognize that getting to know their people and understanding what makes them tick is vital to empowering them to perform at their highest level.


Question: As a Leader, how deep is your Listening to Understand and Connect with your people?

Here are 11 key things that you can look for, identify and hear when listening to your people:

  1. Do they speak using the Language of Accountability: I can, I will, I choose, or I am versus Language of Non-Accountability: I’ll try, I should, I guess, or I assume?
  2. Are they speaking in a Future context versus a story that happened in and comes from their Past?
  3. Are they Stuck vs in Action?
  4. What are their Gifts of Greatness and how can they leverage these gifts and strengths?
  5. Do they have a Fear of, example:
    • Looking incompetent?
    • Rejection?
    • Not being liked or accepted?
    • Imposing or being seen as demanding?
  6. What are their Core Values and how do they guide the person in their life?
  7. What do they Care about personally and professionally?
    • Personal examples: family, hobbies, and/or travel
    • Professional examples: career advancement, learning & development and/or security
  8. What is their current Mindset?
    • Abundance i.e. what’s possible and what can be created
    • Scarcity i.e. not enough time, money or ideas
  9. Do they speak to Fix and Rescue others or do they speak to Empower and Support others?
  10. What are they Concerned about i.e. what are their frustrations, worries, problems, and roadblocks?
  11. Are they Vague or Intentional when they speak?

As you focus on being intentional about growing your people, and you take the time to get to know, understand and connect with them through ‘Deep Listening’ practices, you will be able to empower your people to harness their ‘True Potential!’


Want to expand your Deep Listening skills?

Check out this article by Tony Zampella – “Commitment of Listening


Your Weekly Learning Journey:

Pull out a piece of paper and a pen, and for 10 minutes this week write down how much you know about two members of your team based upon the ‘11 Deep Listening’ areas outlined above.

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