What does it mean to be Powerful?

Real power has nothing to do with position, title, authority, money or force. Real power has everything to do with one’s ability to manifest their reality with ease.


Question #1: What is your source of power?

A person’s source of power allows them to manifest their reality with ease from within.
Some examples of a person’s source of power are:

  • When I hold myself and others accountable to our commitments/promises
  • When I live my life purpose
  • When I am responsible for my choices
  • When I am honouring my word


Question #2: What causes a person to be Powerless?

A person is powerless when they step over or around their issues.

What are some examples of issues that people step over or around?

  1. Finances
  2. Health
  3. Relationships
    • a. Personal
    • b. Professional
  4. Work responsibilities
  5. Spiritual
  6. Time


Question#3: What is my commitment today to being a Powerful Leader? I will commit to being …


Question #4: What issue am I currently stepping over or around in my life that is causing me to be powerless?


Question #5: What is one action that I will take today that will put me into action to being a Powerful Leader?

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