Great Leaders are Masters of Building Relationships

Great Leaders are Masters of Building Relationships

Great Leaders understand that without TRUST there will be no relationship with another that will generate action and quality results. Just ask Tiger Woods and Penn State University after they destroyed relationships of trust with key sponsors to their brand. No Trust, no relationship, no results!!

At Awesome Journey, we see TRUST not as a moral issue but as a risk assessment tool. What we mean is that when you say that you trust someone to take action on a certain issue, what you are saying to yourself and others is, “I know that there is a very high likelihood that the person will accomplish the task as promised.”

TRUST consists of three key building blocks:

  1. Competency (I can do what I say I can do)
  2. Reliability (I will do what I say I will do)
  3. Authenticity (I am who I say I am)

Before you condemn someone who is important to you by saying, “I can’t trust this person”, ask yourself was it a breach or a betrayal. If it is a betrayal – the person lied to you, stole from you or damaged your reputation, end the relationship. If it was a breach, ask yourself which building block of trust needs work in order for this person to be more trustworthy in your eyes.

To build trust with others who are on your team, personally or professionally, practice giving them feedback of ways that they can build their TRUST with you – Competency, Reliability or Authenticity.

Challenge: Within the next 7 days, ask 3 people for their feedback as to where they feel you need to improve in your ability to be Trustworthy with them – Competency, Reliability or Authenticity.

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