Great Leaders are True Professionals

Great Leaders are True Professionals

One of the qualities that separates great leaders from good leaders is their commitment to being a True Professional.

What is a True Professional? Does it only revolve around a designation such as a Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer or Accountant? Back in the 90s when I was graduating from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology, I thought that the definition of being a True Professional was possessing a professional designation. Upon graduation, when I was handed my “Iron Cross” ring that symbolized my Geologist status, I was so proud to be able to call myself a True Professional. I landed a job as a Geologist right out of school, but due to an economic downturn I was let go and found myself taking a sales job for a Reservoir Consulting Firm. Simply because I was no longer working in my area of expertise as a Geologist with the professional designation status, I thought I was no longer a True Professional.

This line of thinking got me questioning what a True Professional really is?

Being a True Professional is not in a designation, it is a Mindset!

A True Professional is a master of details in 4 key areas:

  1. Image: The way you dress and show up for work each day (professional and polished) shows people you are committed to paying attention to the details.
  1. Conduct: You conduct yourself with accountability, you have respect for all, and you have an abundance mindset (see possibilities rather than limitations).
  1. Expertise:
  • You have proven processes you follow to create consistent, reliable & quality results
  • You ask quality questions
  • Surround yourself with other experts
  • You are a student of your profession
  • Comfortable saying ‘I don’t know’
  • Trusted advisor to your clients
  1. Execution: You are respected by others for your commitment to being a person who honours their word and therefore is know for being a person who delivers quality results consistently.

STEP Energy Services is an example of True Professionals. Everyone in the company (office and field) is called a Professional and everyone takes their title very seriously, and has respect for each person and the tremendous skills they bring to the team. When everyone in the company is holding their colleagues accountable for being a master of the details in their role, the overall result is that the client gets an extraordinary product, service and experience!

As a leader, one of the fastest ways to differentiate your organization in the marketplace is by making a commitment to train all your people in the Mindset of being a True Professional.

Being a True Professional will endear loyal clients and make a significant difference in the culture and bottom line of the company – just ask the CEO of STEP Energy Services.


Learning Challenge:

Where can you step up your commitment to being a True Professional in the next 7 days – Image, Conduct, Expertise or Execution?

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