Great Leaders Think Big & Play Big* – Part One

Great Leaders Think Big & Play Big* – Part One

Great Leaders Think Big & Play Big

Our clients, who are committed to living in an Abundance Mindset of “Think Big, Play Big”, have a unique set of leadership practices that demonstrate they are in this mindset. Here’s what we notice they do:


First – Think Big

They have a clear vision of future possibilities that they are focused on making real.


Second – Play Big

This clarity of their action plan to make their vision a reality separates the real leaders from the pretenders.

They have a built a High-Performing Culture that allows their team to deliver consistent, repeatable and reliable outcomes to those whom they choose to service because:


They live in clear agreements:

Examples of clear agreements would be how new staff and clients are brought onboard, effective meetings are run, decisions are made, real-time quality feedback is given, and performance of a project or an event, i.e. meeting, is debriefed to maximize learning and future growth.


They live in a system of accountability:

Components of a system of accountability in an organization are:

  • Counting what is important, i.e. Where is time being allocated?
  • Clear roles, responsibilities, and goals (KPIs)
  • Clear weekly priorities
  • Clear individual and organizational 90-day goals with action plans
  • Clear understanding of and accountability to the annual operating plan
  • Being and holding each other accountable for commitments, priorities, and promises


They have strong support structures:

Examples of strong support structures are:

  • Quality processes to executive business flawlessly
  • Hiring the right people and supporting their development to be great performers
  • Having a set of practices in the organization to support the culture and brand.
    An example of a practice of one of our clients is they consistently celebrate on a weekly basis individual and team accomplishments large and small!


They have a shared understanding with the team:

A shared understanding is such that everyone:

  • Knows the shared vision and the future of the organization
  • Lives the culture through intentional conversations
  • Knows how their role, responsibilities, and goals support bringing the vision to life
  • Speaks and understands shared organizational language to support coordinating action with others with ease

When an organization lives in an Abundance Mindset there is a high degree of “Workability” throughout the organization to support their ability to deliver quality outcomes consistently.

A great example of an organization that lives the principles of an Abundance Mindset of “Think Big & Play Big” is Bridgewater Associates. To learn more, read their book entitled, “Principles”, by Ray Dalio, CEO Bridgewater Associates. It is a fascinating read about the commitment of a whole organization to live in an Abundance Mindset!


Leadership Challenge:

What is one component of an Abundance Mindset you will develop?



“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African Proverb


[1] Reference: Copyright – Alex Mandossian

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