Face Your Fears
February 9, 2016

One of the great qualities of Powerful Leaders is their ability to “Face Their Fears,” to grow their business. Every day Leaders of Business are making investments in their future that require taking risks such as, hiring new people, opening new markets, embracing new technologies or downsizing to adjust to market conditions. Any time we take risks, we “Face Our Fears,” which can be hard.

As a business owner for 20 plus years, I know firsthand that when I take a risk to grow my business, I have to “Face a Fear” of some sort and it can be hard to step into the unknown with curiosity vs doubt. I challenge you to push yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to step into the unknown with curiosity vs. doubt and watch your world open into new possibilities in your business and your life.

In 2013, I went on a hike to Mount Yamnuska in the Canadian Rocky Mountains with my wife. When we came to a difficult section where I was asked to cross a 100 foot ledge that was 8 inches wide by holding onto a chain that was bolted into the rock, I said “Absolutely not!” This experience really made me “Face My Fear.” We called it a day and hiked back down the mountain. At the car Heather said to me, “As a Business Coach, you challenge your clients to embrace their fears. Would you be willing to plan a future hike back to Mount Yamnuska to “Face Your Fear?” I said, “Absolutely!”

Six months later, I was able to “Face My Fear” and I made it across that 100 foot ledge safely by asking for support from a friend who is an expert Mountain Climber. As you see in the photo, I was in a climbing harness and tied to a chain, minimizing my risk and giving me the gratification of achieving my goal.

I am telling you this story because it is a metaphor of what a lot of my clients deal with on a regular basis – Facing Our Fears and moving forward when we are scared by reaching out for “Support” from trusted friends and advisors to achieve their goals and commitments. As a Business Coach, I say to my clients, “I am ok that you get scared, but it is not ok to stay stuck because of being scared. Ask for support and move forward!!”

Challenge: Within the next 7 days, challenge yourself to “Face A Fear” you have in your business by asking for “Support” from others to help you step into the unknown with curiosity vs. doubt to move forward. Once you have accomplished your goal, take 15 minutes to do a self-reflection exercise and ask yourself what this experience taught you about yourself that you didn’t know until you took the challenge. Growth and Learning come when we are willing to “Face Our Fears” with curiosity vs doubt!