Embracing the Future: Fearful vs Inspired

Embracing the Future: Fearful vs Inspired

Over the past month, I have been reading a great book entitled, Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in The Age of Accelerations” by Thomas L. Friedman. The book is about “Embracing the Future” that is coming at us very fast due to the planet’s three largest forces:

  1. Moore’s Law (technology)
  2. The Market (globalization)
  3. Mother Nature (climate change and biodiversity loss)

What I have found fascinating about Thomas’s intense research, is that I can react negatively or positively to the impact of these transformational changes in my business and life. I can choose to be inspired by the incredible new possibilities that await us, or fearful of what could be.

For example, Artificial Intelligence is coming full force into the world. I can be fearful that Artificial Intelligence is going to create massive job losses, and begin to dominate mankind, or I can see that Artificial Intelligence will be a great tool to support me in being a great CEO and Executive Leadership Coach by turning Artificial Intelligence into Intelligent Assistance. In his book, Thomas is asking each of us to embrace Artificial Intelligence as a tool for Intelligent Assistance to support you in being a continuous learner.

For example, you could tell your Intelligent Assistant to read 50 books/articles/YouTube videos in two days on key topics you want to understand, and then ask for a two-page summary on the material so you can speak to the topics at an important client meeting in a week.

The ability to adapt to the pace of change in the world requires the following competencies:

  1. Creativity
  2. Collaboration
  3. Communication
  4. Courage

Thomas’s book has really caused me to pause and ask myself, “am I open to embracing the future?” Over the last two years, I have really learned that being creative, collaborative, communicative and courageous will support me and my team in seeing the future as exciting vs scary and overwhelming.

So, the answer is yes, I am open and ready to embrace the future!


Your Leadership Challenge:

Pick up a copy of Thomas L. Friedman’s book, read it, and send me a note about your thoughts.

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