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Self Leadership: Part 2
October 12, 2023

This month we complete our focus on Self Leadership and the impact “Completing Your Day” has on your leadership presence with your team, and the results generated with your team.

Why it matters

Taking time to “Complete Your Day” allows you to fulfill on your promises and commitments, supporting you in being impeccable with your word which is the center piece of trust. When others trust you, they will collaborate with you and be accountable for their agreements with you which will translate into projects being completed on time and on budget and quality results being delivered!

Leadership Strategy

Completing your day is a commitment & a practice to being a Leader who others can rely on for support and results to be delivered when promised. The 4 components of “Completing Your Day” are:

  1. Reply to the emails that require a response.
  2. Clear your capture tool/notebook (where you write things down).
  3. Review tomorrow’s schedule for workability.
  4. Daily self-reflection to track your performance to notice progress and areas to improve to support you becoming an Effective Leader.

Leadership Challenge

Schedule 15-30 mins in your calendar at the end of each day to “Complete Your Day” for one week.

Awesome Read (10 min): Completing Your Day: Taking Measure of Your Life by Tony Zampella

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