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Scott Clark Chief Transformation Officer & Executive Leadership Coach

“Whoever has a “why” can withstand any “how”

Personal Development and Credentials:

  • 4th-degree blackbelt + 4x world champion
  • 22 years teaching martial arts
  • 2 years of Buddhist Study
  • 10+ years in personal development programs including PSI Seminars and Landmark Education
  • 20 years as Reiki Master and energy/mindfulness teaching

Superpower: Listening

Voted Most Likely: To maintain the integrity by holding self and others accountable

Scott’s awesome journey began with his own transformation from professional athlete to leadership coach. By combining core principles gained from martial arts and energy management with performance and leadership coaching, he aims to transform lives by helping his clients step into their full potential by discovering their power and purpose. With over 20 years of experience, he brings a unique intuition and a deep capacity to listen to the most authentic aspects of being. His commitment to his clients includes holding space to allow them to see (and step into) their full potential. This strategy has been effective in working with both team transformations and individual achievement.

Scott joined the Awesome Journey team as an Executive Leadership Coach in September 2013, and he has facilitated transformation with countless individuals and teams. In October 2018, he stepped into the role of Chief Operating Officer and helped to recreate their internal programs to offer a more suitable, transformational model that would help their clients lead in a changing, complex world. These programs have resulted in breakthrough professional results and have positively impacted many lives. 

Prior to joining the company, he owned and operated his own personal coaching company in conjunction with his career as a Martial Arts Instructor through Mike Miles Muay Thai. His discipline in martial arts propelled him to achieve a 4th Degree Black Belt, 4 Amateur World Championship Titles, and a Professional Commonwealth Championship Title.

He continues to lead an active lifestyle by continuing Muay Thai training and snowboarding. He is passionate about energy and healing work and has recently re-entered healing circles while deepening his Buddist studies. 

He is a loving husband, and father of two who proudly incorporates his principles of conscious awareness in his personal life with his family. In his spare time, he enjoys writing and hopes to one day write a book.

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