Powerful Leaders in the C-Suite understand that to be effective at getting results through others, they need to work as a team with a great Executive Assistant to accomplish key priorities and achieve desired results.

They recognize that a great EA brings exceptional value and is a full partner in achieving an organization’s goals through:


The most important component of an EA/Executive relationship is trust. If you have hired a competent and skilled EA, you must trust them and hand over control to manage daily tasks such as your calendar, your inbox and special projects that they are capable of accomplishing. If you don’t trust your EA, you don’t have the right person in the position.


Executives often don’t communicate enough details and provide background information to their EAs to ensure that they are as effective as they can be at supporting us to achieve our goals.

Getting to Know Each Other

Getting to know each other on a personal level will not only make your work life more pleasant, it will enable your EA to make better decisions on your behalf and to better foresee your needs. Before you know it, they will know what you need before you do.


Listen to what your EA has to say. Experienced EAs are a wealth of knowledge about what is going on in the organization and they are in tune with your clients’ needs. Ask their opinions and thoughts on work related projects. They will appreciate being heard and it will encourage them bring more innovative ideas to the table.


What area will you work on with your EA this week to ensure that you are a truly effective High Performance Team?