Pam Blackmore

Pam Blackmore

Executive Leadership Coach

Pam is committed to igniting greatness in people to make the world a better place. As a coach, Pam has a natural talent for listening for and seeing a person’s gifts and generating insights to create awareness to that greatness. Pam is passionate about practicing actions that create time and space to realize your full potential, contributing to elevation of personal being, organization culture and team development.

For 25 years, Pam has been a people leader, developing high-performance teams and coaching leaders of people in international organizations including Starbucks Coffee Company and Yum! Brands. Pam is known for her strategic mindset, customer experiences, and developing roadmaps for excellence and transformation.

Pam is passionate about diversity and inclusion. As a member of the Women’s Development Network and Women’s Foodservice Forum, she is always exploring the potential for elevating culture through effective communication. As a coach, Pam is intuitive to where a person or a team might be “stuck”, and supports her clients through their journey of awareness, practicing behaviors and generative communication.

As a working mom, Pam lives a full life at work and home, with her two pre-teen kids, husband, and cat, and is committed to being in a constant state of personal learning and growth.

Specialty: Women in Leadership, Customer Service, high-performance teams

Philosophy: Greatness exists in diversity

Approach: Ontological coaching explores one’s way of being, and supports the means of generating shifts in mindset, behaviors, and emotions to find purpose and meaning in life.

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