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Leading yourself is understanding what makes you truly powerful. Through effective coaching you will discover that your power comes from having a clear vision, a life purpose, a clearly defined set of core values and a clear life and professional plan.

Awesome Journey’s Executive Leadership Coaching program has been designed for individuals who are serious about transformational leadership and leading High Performance Teams and Organizations.

One-on-One Executive Leadership Coaching

The leadership model of the Awesome Journey team teaches how to:

  1. Create the plan
  2. Execute the plan
  3. Review the plan

The client meets with the coach on a monthly basis for a 2 hour time block over a 12 month period.

The following modules that are included, but are not limited to, over the 12 month period are:

  • Live Your Life by Design
  • Understand Team Leadership (Management verses Leadership)
  • Create Corporate Clarity through strategic planning
  • 12 Components of Communication
  • Components of Effective Team Leadership Coaching
  • Leaders Think Differently
  • Time/Energy Management
  • Decision Making and Risk Management
  • Change Management – take team / organization to new level of performance
  • Building a High Performance Culture
  • Powerful Presentations to shareholders, staff, board members, investment community

Every 2 hour session is customized to meet individual needs

High Performance Teams – Team Building/Group Leadership

High performance organizations deliver quality results to their stakeholders achieved through a series of well-designed and measureable building blocks. Those Building Blocks include: Creating Powerful Leaders, High Performance Team and Culture, Effective Communication, WOW!! Client Service, Possibility Thinking, Solution Selling, and Change Management.

Building a high performance team requires a minimum of 12 months consisting of a combination of team building exercises and training sessions held monthly or quarterly.

Components to creating a High Performance Team:

  1. Create a Common Vision
  2. Create a Cultural of Trust
  3. Understand the key team skills needed to execute their goals:
    • Quality Conversations
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Decision Making
    • Appreciating Diversity
    • Problem Solving
    • Embracing Change
    • Continuous Improvement through Creativity and Real Time Quality Feedback
  1. Create Individual Performance Agreements
  2. Set up Key Performance Indicators to measure the Team’s overall success

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning done well is about unlocking your company’s differentiation factor to create sustainable growth and profitability. We provide pre-work corporate strategy, build your corporate strategic strategy plan of differentiation and we follow up on the execution of the plan.

A suite of our leadership coaching modules can be customized to your organizational needs. These 1, 2, or 3 days training sessions are invaluable for your staff.

Past sessions have included:

  • 6 Keys to Behaviors of a High Performance Leader
  • Great Leaders are Effective Communicators
  • Leading a High Performance Team to Great Results
  • Time Management

Solution Selling - Sales Coaching

Our Solution Selling process will help you become an effective, high performance sales professional by covering the following concepts:

  1. Create Your Sales Plan
  2. Understand How to Gain Access to New Prospects
  3. Conduct Powerful Prospect Meetings
  4. Bring Prospects Real Value
  5. Negotiate and Close Deals
  6. Deliver Extraordinary Service
  7. Manage Yourself and Your Business

Keynotes & Custom Workshops

Awesome Journey offers a suite of thought provoking keynotes and custom workshops to support company events and industry conferences that is focused around creating powerful leaders, who build high performance organizations. We do this through events, presentations, executive dialogues and forums.

Keynotes Focuses:


Support your conference or offsite meeting with a high energy, thought provoking, and interactive presentation with your staff.

Some keynote addresses have included:

  • Mindset of a Champion
  • Leading a High Performance Service Based Organization
  • Manage Your Energy for High Performance Results
  • What do Effective Leaders Do?
  • Good Team vs. GREAT Team

Junior Management Coaching

This coaching is provided as an option to our executive clients who wish to create a leadership succession plan to strengthen their organizations.

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